Before the first lesson, over the phone, we can discuss what sort of music you listen to and what sort of music you would like to learn, so that the first lesson can be useful from the beginning.

Music Resources

I have lots of books and magazines that I have used over the years but I have also produced my own sheets for teaching purposes. If you are a beginner, I would suggest that you do not buy any books as I will provide sheets to begin with. Later on I can recommend some books which may be useful. There are many excellent books and magazines on sale containing accurately transcribed music of your favourite bands.

Teaching Methods

I teach a wide age range of students, from children to adults. I teach privately at students homes, and I also teach for Hertfordshire Music Service and Woodside Park International School. Beginners of all ages are welcome. My youngest student is 9 years old who is starting a Rockschool book. I recently started teaching a new adult student and I am currently helping him play the music of Thin Lizzy and sorting out his open chords.

I teach mainly rock, blues, jazz and music theory. I can help you understand the theory, scales and chords behind the music you want to play. I can cover all the techniques you will need such as soloing, rhythm styles, improvisation, power chords, bends, vibrato, tapping, scales, chord progressions, acoustic fingerstyle and country guitar. I also teach music reading. Some of my students have taken Rockschool exams and have also performed pieces for GCSE and A level exams.

I can help you get the most out of your practicing. I can teach you what you want to learn, along with what you should know to help you play.